Embark on Your Wellness Journey

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The journey to becoming

All that God intends for us to be is lifelong and involves every aspect of our lives. Ebenezer AME Church under the leadership of our Pastors, the health ministry and other experts invites you to join us on this focused and individualized journey for an improved mind, body, and soul.
Health, wellness and fitness experts are here to help provide guidance and tools for everyone; young to our jewels, men/women and those who already are committed to taking action on the journey towards better health and those who are just taking the first step.

While we provide guidance, expertise and resources; we challenge all to PERSONALIZE their journey as we all focus on:


Stress reduction, handling mood swings, battling depression or other mental health challenges, address habits that are addictive like overeating, smoking, drinking etc…


Get adequate sleep, take steps to lower your blood pressure, lose weight, increase your water intake, drop cholesterol, improve your diabetes, stop smoking, increase your fruits and veggies, cut out fried foods, etc…


Strengthening our connection to God and our faith, increasing our time of prayer, focusing on scriptures to support life’s journey, letting go of anger, opening our hearts to forgiveness and love, addressing habits that we know are not of God like gossip, addictions to social media, tv or other vices, behavioral issues that do not etc…

There is no one “prescription” for everyone but we encourage all to look at their lives, an honest look and set realistic goals that move you forward on the journey to a better you.

Active Goals for ALL of us  on this Journey:


I will devote 5 mins to mindful deep breathing daily.

I will be more aware and honest about my mental health and seek help from a professional as needed.


I will exercise at least 4 times a week and increase my water intake.

I will follow my physician’s and/or healthcare provider’s recommendations and make (and keep) my appointments for cancer screenings and physical exams.


I will mediate on the scriptures provided and pray daily.

I will seek God for guidance and support on my journey.

Check out more resources on ebenezerame.org or email the health ministry at healthministry@ebenezerame.org