March 22, 2013 -


We are blessed once again to participate in the Broken Retreat. Several churches combine to reach a spiritual advance for our youth from Sunday June 23 through Tuesday June 25.  The Broken 2013 Retreat focuses on helping youth break free from the egos of:

1) Lust

2) Fear

3 )Ego

4) & so much more

Please sign up your young person for this will be a blessing to the community and our youth.  You can start making payments after Sunday Services. Please stop by the Youth Ministry Booth in the Narthex.  Or you can reach out to our Sr. Youth Minister now to sign up for this exciting event.

Covered in this event are:

1) Food

2) Transportation From the Church

3) Many activities and workshops as seen below:

IMG_0726 IMG_0753 IMG_0761 IMG_0775 IMG_0811 IMG_0816 IMG_0855 IMG_0891 IMG_0897IMG_0768

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